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"I always have a plan." ~ Ben Linus



Can you imagine a love like that?

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Dan: There was this one time where, in this room actually, Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman and - I think Alfonso was kind of coordinating it - took the opportunity to play a practical joke on me

Alfonso: It was very good because it was a bunch of sleeping bags and Dan asked us to have his sleeping bag next to this particular girl that he fancied - 

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so i updated that orange is the new black offense thing bc it was kind of inaccurate and i added some of my faves ok here

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// Mayor Mills

If you like, please reblog. Do. Not. Repost. Anywhere.

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Lana Parrilla attends Entertainment Weekly’s Annual Comic-Con Closing Night Celebration at the Hard Rock Hotel on Saturday, July 26, 2014, in San Diego.

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"When you don’t have anybody to take care of you, then you could go both ways: You could do whatever you want, or you could take charge and be your own parent."

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